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From: Randall Kerrigan
Subject: Forceable EntryDisclaimer I: This is a work of adult fiction dealing with homosexual sex
between consenting adult males. If this is offensive to you, or you are
underneath the age of legal majority in you state, preteen cilp
country, or other
municipality, please don't read it.Disclaimer II: This is a work of FICTION. That means it's not real. It is
meant to imply nothing about the actual character or sexuality of the people
involved. It's only make-believe. If you have any comments on the story, or
just want to chat, send me an email at randallkerriganhotmail.comFinally... the Rock had returned to the WWE. Although he was drafted to
Smackdown he was planning to compete on both shows. He had managed to get
Vince to let him have a match on Raw. If Rock won the match then he would
be able to appear on both shows, but if he lost he'd be complete control of
McMahon. Rock's history with McMahon was nothing but bad history and Rock
didn't wanna be at that bastard's command. Rock's opponent-- The
Undertaker. One of Mr. McMahon's toughest "boys". Rock had managed to win
the match with the RockBottom. After he was awarded the victory he decided
to perform the People's Elbow on Undertaker out of spite. While Rock was
trash talking to Taker, Brock Lesnar slid into the ring clotheslining the
People's Champ from behind. Rock tried to climb to his feet but Brock
kicked him back down. He picked Rock up performing a spinning powerbomb on
him. Rock's back slammed into the mat, but Brock didn't let go. He pulled
Rock back up nailing a second powerbomb, followed by a third. Rock was now
in a fetal position on the mat, but the Next Big Thing wasn't done. He
picked the Rock back up before performing his signature move the F-5 on him.Within minutes Rocky was helped back into the trainer's room. He could
barely move after the assault. The trainer left the room to give Rock some
time to sleep off the soreness. That's when he made his entrance. Brock
Lesnar, the Next Big Thing. And a big thing he was. 6'4", 295 pounds of
pure muscle. Brock stood at the foot of the table, taking in the sight of
the dark man before him. He made sure preteen sites uncensored to let Rock win the match before
attacking. He wanted to make sure this man would be here every Monday
night.Brock walked along the table, running his finger up Rock's leg. Past his
thighs, over his tight abs, and over his broad chest. Stopping long enough
to rub a finger preteen bbs sven
over his caramel colored nipple. He stepped back to take
gaze down at the sleeping beauty below. Brock leaned forward to capture the
man's lips with his own. Feeling the wet lips against his own, Rock was
roused from his preteen image boards
sleep, shocked to find another man kissing him. The shock
causing his lips to part. Never one to be accused of not taking advantage,
Brock slipped his tongue into the Rock's mouth. Rock tried to reach up and
stop him, but Brock caught both of his wrists, slamming them back down to
the table.Before Rock could regain preteen nn gymnast
too much strength Brock climbed onto the table,
straddling Rock and pinning him down, never breaking the kiss. Rock was
surprised to feel himself growing hard, even through this invasion. Rock
wasn't the only one to notice this. Brock also noticed the growing hardness
near his ass. He lifted his ass a bit before grinding himself against
Rock's growing hard on. A grin crossed Brock's face. That evil grin that
could send shivers down anyone's spine. The grin that made you know he was
thinking something truly evil."Oh, so that's what you want, huh?" Brock asked, rhetorically.Brock swung his leg over Rock, climbing off the table. The second Rock was
free he made a move to get up. Brock backhanded him before he knew what was
happening. Rock fell back down innocent preteen virgin
on the table, before Brock slammed a fist
into Rock's chest. Rock curled up, holding his chest in pain.Brock reached over and tore Rock's wrestling trunks from his body, allowing
Rock's hardening dick to bounce free. Brock grinned at the sight of the
naked wrestler before him. preteen hard fotos
He reached over and lightly stroked Rocky's
dick, getting it to it's full hardness. He released Rock before removing
his own tights. He spread the Rock's legs before climbing between them on
the end of the table. He grabbed Rock's arms from his chest, pinning them
above the Brahma Bull's head with one large hand.With his other hand he lined his massive cock at the People's Ass and
plowing it in with blonde preteen pictures one unlubed thrust. The pain in Rocky's chest subsided
only for the searing pain in his ass to rip through him. Rock's scream
seemed loud enough that the live audience should've heard. This just made
Brock's evil grin to grow twice as large.Brock began thrusting in and out of Rock's ass, prompting loud groans from
the man below him. Brock's free hand clamped over Rock's mouth, never
stopping his thrusts. Rock felt like he was preteen modelle
gonna die from the sheer pain
ripping through his body. Brock's large cock was tearing away at Rock's
ass. Deep, throaty groans were pouring from Brock's mouth as he continued
tearing up the People's Ass. Rock tried to squeeze his legs around Brock's
waist to inflict some pain on the evil man above him, but all he succeeded
in was helping Brock to dig deeper into his ass.As if the tightness of Rock's ass wasn't enough for Brock, when Rock wrapped
his legs around him Brock couldn't help but spill his seed deep preteens micro bikinis in the ass
of the Rock. Brock gave Rock's ass a few more thrusts just for the sake of
causing more pain, before withdrawing himself. He released the preteen dark nymphets Rock's arms
who couldn't move now, no matter how much he wanted to attack the psychotic
bastard above him.Brock rolled his shoulders and flexed his pec muscles down at the bitch
below him before climbing off the table and sliding his trunks back on.
Rock rolled over to look away from the man that just raped him, curling up
to try and ease the pain. Brock grinned before slapping the Rock's ass hard
enough to send him falling from the table to the floor below."Thanks bitch." Brock spat at him before walking out, leaving him laying on
the floor, naked and hurt.End
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